Hotel Bahnhof Zermatt

COMPANY: Hotel Bahnhof Zermatt
SERVICES: _marketing, _webdesign, _branding
YEAR: 2017

Family, tradition and Switzerland; the Hotel Bahnhof at the foot of the Matterhorn embodies all this. In the middle of one of Switzerland's most famous mountain villages, the personally managed hotel with its rustic flair offers families, groups and backpackers accom- modation for unforgettable winter experiences in the Swiss Alps.

As the hotel's web presence had not undergone any rejuvenation for years, DIG_ID was commissioned in year X to renew the entire communicative appearance and pave the way for the digital future.

Phase 1: Memories & Souvenirs

As with any multidimensional project, we first got an overview of the current economic and communicative situation of the product. After receiving important key figures and inputs from the customer, we were able to draw fundamental conclusions and use these findings to draw up an orientation and positioning concept, which served as a blueprint for future work. The history of the family, the house and the various traditions seemed to us to be a unique selling point, which we then used as a basis for design and communication.

Phase 2: Moving forward in big steps

During the development of the visual product identity, we were always in close contact with the clients in order to avoid idle time and to prepare the order in accordance with the client's wishes. We wanted to put the alpine tradition of the host family in a new and contemporary light without breaking with history. Our design department chose a simple, minimalist way of com- munication that embodies Switzerland and the family both illus- tratively and in terms of content, without being intrusive with this narrative. This visual presentation was the thread running through the design of the website and the digital and analogue means of communication.

Phase 3: Ready for the future

After the approval of the raw version by the client, we finalized all orders to be created. Priority was given to the website, which still convinces today with an avant-garde, yet accessible design. Reduced forms, challenging content arrangements and carefully curated typography reflect the product identity, a modern zeitgeist and family history at the same time. We have always attached great importance to the appearance on mobile devices. After fine-tuning the website and producing the digital and analogue communication media, the project was completed to the customer's complete satisfaction

Concept & Positioning

A good plan is usually already half the battle, so we invested time in the research phase of the concept. In addition to statistical key figures and usage figures and a screening and clarification of target groups and market potentials, we identified the greatest narrative potential in family history. Taking all these aspects into account, we developed a holistic concept which forms the basis for the communicative elements of the product.

Corporate Identity

A successful and appealing Corporate Identity embodies not only sales strategies and percep- tion optimizations, but, as the word already says, a representation of the identity. The composition of a modern interpretation of mountain life, the Swiss service standard and a generally accessible product was the objective of the corporate identity.


During the research phase we collected a large amount of images and information, which were also of great importance to us after the creation of the corporate identity. We curated stylish and timeless content and garnished a very progressive Swiss design with memories and stories to illustrate the emotional level of the product also in its digital appearance; of course always with the intention to fully enjoy the website on the mobile phone or tablet.

Means of Communication

In order to complete the visual means of communication, we developed digital and analog means of communication which harmonize strongly with the corporate identity. In addition to in-house lettering and business cards, we designed postcards and greeting cards with content from the family archive to emphasize the personal touch of the overall communication.