Hotel Kreuz Bern

COMPANY: Hotel Kreuz Bern AG
SERVICES: _marketing, _webdesign, _branding
YEAR: 2017

The Hotel Kreuz is located in the middle of the enchanting capital of Switzerland close to the Bundesplatz and serves especially through its ideal location, the generous equipment as well as the uncomplicated contact, city and leisure and business travellers from all over the world.

In the course of an infrastructural modernisation project in the year X, we were chosen as a partner to completely conceive, design and coordinate the new communicative appearance of the hotel.

Phase 1: The battle plan

In order to ensure the greatest possible coherence with the product identity and to identify marketing and positioning potentials, we collected all possible visitor and usage data in order to obtain a holistic overview. During the first consultation and orientation meetings, wishes, suggestions and inputs were collected in order to guarantee the greatest possible identification with the product. Subsequently, we developed a positioning as well as visual input collections, in order to define a solid basis for the elab- oration of the Corporate Identity and the associated means of communication.

Phase 2: The foundation

In the next phase of the project, our graphics department de- signed a series of corporate identity suggestions with applica- tion examples (website, business cards, etc.), which were final- ised after customer feedback. In the same step, the website as well as the analog in-house and communication applications were designed and went into production. During the program- ming of the website, our content designers created photo and text collections, which harmonized with the appearance of the website.

Phase 3: Fine-tuning & completion

As the website approached completion, we coordi- nated the production of the analogue communica- tion media (business cards, window films, etc.) and perfected all digital products with a constant con- tact to the client to ensure the greatest possible satisfaction. In a final step, we coordinated the live launch of the website and created a manual to enable the client to work independently.

Concept & Positioning

Creating a sustainable and comprehensive concept requires a high degree of research and a sensitivity for market situations and perceptual dynamics. Through online and offline research as well as a meticulous examination of the product aspects, we were able to position the hotel appropriately and embed correlating offer samples in the product catalogue.

Corporate Identity

In order to create an authentic graphic rep- resentation of a product, we drew on the findings of the positioning on the one hand and on the wishes of the client on the other. The elaboration of the corporate identity of the Hotel Kreuz was centered around a mini- malistic, catchy representation of the product identity with influences from the Swiss design and illustration tradition. Sophistication, accessibility and timelessness were the cen- tral motifs


The digital business card of the hotel embodies the corporate identity and thinks this further in a digital application area. Stylish colours and con- cisely placed call to actions complement precise navigation elements and a simple sitemap, which provide a clear overview of the various website segments thanks to their arrangement. Particular attention was paid to user-friendliness on a varie- ty of devices, so that the website also appears appealing and catchy on all mobile devices.

Means of Communication

A holistic communication does not only include the digital appearance, but also the world of analogue means of communication. Taking into account all collected information, aspects, customer wishes and inputs, we created advertising media that are coher- ent with the corporate identity and range from in-house lettering and foiling to business cards, greeting cards, fact sheets and stationery.