Brenta Bau

COMPANY: Brenta GmbH
SERVICES: Design / Consulting / Social Media / Website
YEAR: 2018

Brenta GmbH is one of the few customers whose main activity is not in the hotel or tourism industry. Since 2015, the demolition and dismantling specialist from Basel has been scoring points for simplicity and customer proximity and is characterized by its young, dynamic and flexible workflow. In 2019, together with the building contractor, we developed his Internet presence as well as digital and analog applications.

Helping hands

Construction companies often don’t see the need for an aesthetic and catchy web presence.” Brenta GmbH wanted to counteract this mantra and at the same time stand out from the crowd in terms of communication.

We have accompanied Brenta GmbH since its foundation in 2015, especially in organizational and administrative questions. This partnership continued from the design of analogue communication media (business cards, etc.) to the first content drafts for the former website.

In 2019, the construction company contacted us regarding the design and content of a new website; a challenge we gladly accepted. We didn’t have a project within the building industry yet, the experience values seemed gold worth to us. In a first step, we examined internal market usage figures and search results and discussed the product identity and company philosophy with the client.

Subsequently, we designed the website in a modern look & feel, with dominant colour contrasts and a simple but effective navigation structure. In order to further enhance the product, our content department created images and texts to enhance the look of the website.